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If you’re having a #wp10 party, we’ll give your group a login to this site so you can post and upload pictures directly. Write posts about what’s happening at the party, take and post pictures (the WordPress mobile apps make this easy), post overheard anecdotes about people and their WordPress experiences, take short videos, you name it!

If your party is registered on our Meetup Everywhere list, we’ve probably already made you a user account here. Accounts have been created for all the parties that have more than 5 RSVPs so far, and the username/password combination is being sent via’s messaging. Please share the username/password with all your non-RSVPed party attendees at your event and encourage them to post photos throughout the evening.

If your party hasn’t had an account created yet because all your RSVPs are somewhere else (meetup group, a self-hosted site, etc), OR if you are having a #wp10 party but it was not listed on our Meetup Everywhere list at all, OR if you are listed on Meetup Everywhere but haven’t gotten the message with your login info yet, you can leave a comment on this page or send a tweet to @jenmylo to ask for help. Please include a link to where information about your party is posted on the web and provide a valid email address. Thanks!

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  1. Happy Birthday @Wordpress. I’m using WordPress for a lot of years now and it keeps getting better and better!

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