10th WordPress Anniversary in Banda Aceh

WordPress is no doubt a popular CMS compared to other competitors. I as a blogger, it is not wrong to use wordpress as the CMS for my blog. WordPress has reached ten anniversary last two days ago, and my two years old’s blog has a lot more things to offer from this amazing WordPress.

In its 10th wordpress anniversary, I initiated a gathering with the WordPress users in Aceh on May 27, 2013 in Banda Aceh. This event is not only in Banda Aceh, but all over the world which  can be seen through this link: http://www.meetup.com/WordPress/.

The anniversary of Aceh WordPress community was attended in the event rsvp by about 56 enthusiasts. Among the participants of professional bloggers were Aidia MJ  from www.acehrealestate.com ,@muhammadbaiguni from www.baiquni.net, Zulham Yusuf from www.zulham.com, and Teuku Farhan from www.mit.or.id. Our events was a light discussion, anyone can be a presenters to convey their experiences while using WordPress. Read more www.mrdfi.net