WP Nagpur Meetup @ Cafe Mocha Nagpur

The WordPress Nagpur community got together yesterday to celebrate the 10th anniversary of WordPress. The community shared their experience and their love for WordPress. Coffee, snacks(and not to forget the yummy cake) and GEEKS, truly enjoyable evening !

Thank you everyone 🙂 

List of attendees :

  • Tarique Sani
  • Pranay Patil
  • Ameya Aurangabadkar
  • Harshil Gupta
  • Mohit Manke
  • Vivek Bandebuche
  • Kapeel Sable
  • Abhishek Deshpande
  • Rakesh Tembhurne
  • Chetan Mendhe
  • Abhishek Anne
  • Tripad Mishra
  • Rohit Langde
  • Ajitem Sahastrabuddhe
  • Prashen Kyawal

(Photos by : Tripad Mishra (@_Tripad) )

One thought on “WP Nagpur Meetup @ Cafe Mocha Nagpur

  1. Wow. What better way to celebrate #wp10 than this? Also what better way to share photos than on a wp site itself. Good efforts tripad.

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